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A diverse voice actor, Danielle Quisenberry has worked as talent in almost every genre of vo as well as in the creative and news departments of two major market radio stations.

Holding a degree in Acting Performance from The University of Michigan and a certificate in Radio and Television Production and Performance from Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts, she has also trained with Pamela Lewis, Joan Bogdan, Paul Harris from HBO and with EDGE Studio where she currently coaches voice over.

A master trainer at EDGE as well as a sought after voice director, her teleclasses are popular, her articles are read and her voice can be heard nationwide.

Want to improve your voice acting skills for corporate presentations or other public speaking engagements? Just send an e-mail to and let us know how we can help. Private coaching is available in person in NYC or via Skype.

Not in NYC? No worries. Tele Classes, Coaching and Voice Over and Production services are available to clients nationwide.


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Have a voice acting or directing job for Danielle Quisenberry? Need voice over coaching? Arrange to work with Danielle at EDGE Studio and have access to a full compliment of voice over training and voice demo production services.

Download Track Hello

Download Track Hello

Sound Experience  

Voice Actor Danielle Quisenberry has contributed her talents to radio and television commericals, web and software narrations, corporate campaigns, industrial and documentary Films, English as a second language tutorials, and telephone systems. She is an experienced live industrial narrator and works each season at The Brooklyn Academy of Music' Kids Film Festival in live interactive animation work.

Below is a partial list of her clients.

100 People
People PC
Aetna Insurance
America Online
BAM (International Kids Film Festival)
Bennison International
Tyco Toys
The Big 10 Universities
Mrs. Meyers Clean Day
Union Savings Bank
Daring Diamonds
Diabetes Walk a Thon


Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day : What We Believe (1:07) Featuring the voice of Danielle Quisenberry

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day : How We Began (1:01) Featuring the voice of Danielle Quisenberry

Happy Sounds  

"I just wanted to thank you for being so supportive during my training. I look forward to continually hearing your voice on various spots. Remember, there's always a person to contact if you're ever in Hawaii!"
Kenny Choi — Morning News Anchor, KITV Honolulu

"Danielle has a remarkable knack for inspiring her students to excel. Her teaching approach is fresh and effective. After working with Danielle personally several times on my own voice-acting technique, I referred five friends to her for training, who also gave her rave reviews. Danielle is skilled, intuitive -- and a lot of fun!"
Elizabeth Holmes — Voice Actor

"We were very, very pleased with Danielle's performance, attitude and cooperation. She was lovely to work with and we would definitely work with her again."
Mrs. Meyers Clean Day — Advertising Agency Mono

"I took the class last night and it was fantastic! Danielle is a great communicator and an excellent coach."
Jerry Roy — Voice Actor

"I learned a great deal from Danielle today and have a clear view of what I need to improve my skills. She is exceptional!"
James T. Dawson — Voice Actor

"Thank you for everything you did to get me going in the business. Your coaching was invaluable. You are a very good teacher!"
Debra Hollinrake — Voice Actor

"Thanks for a great training Danielle. Class was a lot of fun!"
Victor McGee — Voice Actor

"Danielle is a force. She has incredible business sense as a coach, director and performer and she really knows how to make things happen in this industry." Sunday Muse — Voice Actor/Author ETM Management, Buchwald & Associates

"Danielle is multi-talented, diverse in range, and a leader in the arts. She is personable, creative and delivers great results."
Carol Monda — Audie Award Winning Voice Actor/Coach Edge Studio/Member, Emerging Artists Theatre Company

"I just finished listening to your seminar on Live the Dream. The hour plus was filled with information & tips for the vocal artist. Most of the seminars I took were very good but this was jam packed! Thanks again Danielle!"
Sharon Lawton — Voice Actor

"I just listened to the finished demo and I love it! I can't believe that's my voice on the recording. Thank you so much for your coaching. Audiobooks here I come!"
Liz O' Byrne — Voice Actor

"There is NO BETTER voice over coach than Danielle Quisenberrry. I especially appreciate the way she shares her knowledge and experience in a way that makes you feel comfortable. She communicates with you in a way that's easily understood. If you want to get into the voice over arena, you need Danielle."
Jim Knight — Voice Actor

Danielle Quisenberry is proud to work with Erik Sheppard and Voice Talent Productions.
Click here to visit her Voice Talent Productions profile page.

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