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A Life of Creation  

New York Innovative Theatre Award nominee Danielle Quisenberry's favorite New York stage appearances include Mauvra in The Power of Darkness by Leo Tolstoy Off Broadway at the Mint Theater, The Lady Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing and the Lady Macbeth for The Hudson Warehouse as well as Helen in CP Taylor's Good for Manhattan Theatre Source. Additional classical work includes many workshops at Columbia University with Williamstown Directing Fellow Kim Weild supervised by Brian Kulick and Anne Bogart.

An alumna of The Internship Program at the Ensemble Studio Theatre she played opposite Sir Michael Cullen and Chris Ceraso in the workshop of The Bones of Giants and originated Prelude to the First Day and The Questioning at Emerging Artists Theatre where she is a long time company member. A practictioner of documentary and physical theatre style performance, she wrote and embodied characters for The Alphabet City series at The Metropolitan Playhouse for two seasons.

Look for her in the short film Proud Mary on the festival circuit in 2010 , as herself in the award winning doucmentary MadHot Ballroom and in your favorite bookstores on the cover of The Best 10 Minute Plays of 2005 published by Smith and Krauss.

She is a proud graduate of the University of Michigan, and The Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts, a member of AEA and SAG and on the faculties of The New York Film Academy, Alvin Ailey and The Actors Studio. She is grateful for the teachings of Wynn Handman and Joseph Chaikin and their
influences on her work.

Video Gallery  

Danielle [Reel] (3:30) The acting reel of professional actor Danielle Quisenberry. A series of video clips from a number of her more recent flim and video productions.

Day 2 [Trailer] (1:14) Alien invaders attack our civilization and enslave our planet...what remains behind is barely...human. Coming Fall 2010 from Pandora Machine and Halcyon Pictures International.

Proud Mary [Trailer] (1:17) Outstanding Actress Award. Flagstaff Film Festival 2010. Proud Mary. Re-imaging Faith, Re-making Family Re-imagining Love.

Latest News  

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How I love thee Danielle Quisenberry


We had this role, "Jean" (named after my sister), which was a very difficult part to cast. The character is a tough but warm woman who was originally written to be "of a certain age". Well, Danielle is such a fantastic actor we couldn't help but to cast her, even though we had to re-think the role to make Jean much younger with Danielle in it.

The Queen of Mars had, I believe, worked with Danielle before and said we should talk to her and I'm so glad we did. She has a really great voice and physicality and she really put up with the abuse and rigors of the way a production like ours shoots.

Danielle has this amazing scene where she tells the story of the end of the world. I kinda like the scene because it's fun how she describes meeting the other characters after 99% of the world is dead. She knocked the scene out of the park. I mean, real tears-in-your-eyes knocked it out. And then we did it again just because I wanted to see her do it again (don't tell her I said that though). It was really that beautiful.

And it really gives the picture a boost. I just love it when actors make decisions that I wouldn't have thought of myself and are vastly better than anything I could have thought of myself. That's what really imbues the movie with the sort of emotional reality in these fantastical situations that we, the audience, really love. And she created the character with the detail that makes her Jean come alive.

The character "Jean" has absolutely nothing to do with my sister Jean but I can't wait 'till my sister sees it!

Directing this movie has been the easiest time I've had on a picture. It's been a gas.

— Andrew Bellware

Production Stills  

Photographs were taken from the following theatrical and cinematic productions:

Hudson Warehouse's Macbeth | Directed by Richard Harden
Hudson Warehouse's Much Ado About Nothing | Directed by N. Martin- Smith
Manhattan Theater Source's Likeness | Directed by Jessica Ammirati
Manhattan Theater Source's Good Helen | Directed by J. Gordon-Thomas
Metropolitan Playhouse's Alphabet City | Directed by Derek Jamison
Cherry Lane Studio's Neo Retro Woyzeck | Directed by Dr. Robert Knopf
Emerging Artists' Prelude to the First Day | Directed by Sturgis Warner

Press and Awards  

The Questioning, Emerging Artists Theatre Company
An Iraqi war drama… The Questioning… a fascinating piece, it shows that people are never what one expects or wants them to be. The acting is excellent, with special praise to Quisenberry as the tough, yet naïve American Soldier.
Byrne Harrison — OOBR review

Memory of Water, Shadowland Theatre
“Catherine is the most featherbrained of all...Danielle Quisenberry relishes a role in which she can frolic…”
Marcus Kallpolities — The Times Herald Record

Neo / Retro / Woyzeck, The Fringe Festival at The Cherry Lane
“The highlight in this shiny little show is the rap number done by Danielle Quisenberry. Be sure to yell out number 18 when prompted.”
Jeffery Cassaro — NewYorkTheatre.Com

Stop Kiss, Shadowland Theatre
“Superb Stop Kiss ends Shadowland Season… Poignancy and tenderness abound in a beautiful play… Exquisite acting in the award winning Stop Kiss dominates the season finale at the Shadowland Theatre…From the smallest part to the leading ladies there are outstanding performances all around. Danielle Quisenberry and Karen Kitz are simply magnificent!”
Carol Montana The Times Herald Record

Quisenberry is terrific as the heretofore directionless Callie. A restaurant hopping, bed jumping, helicopter riding, traffic reporter whose innate smarts and exuberant life force lack focus until she meets Sara.
Kitty Montgomery — Daily Freeman Theatre Review

Award Best Actress
Los Angeles Global Film Festival


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